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Classic Triple Intuition:

Three spectators choose three cards. The cards are signed and remembered. In a progressively clean and miraculous manner, each person is capable of finding their card, thanks only to the ability of their own intuition.


Dani fooled everyone at The Session with this great hands-off card revelation effect. The best news is that you will be able to perform it with ease too as the deck does all the work for you!

What sets Triple Intuition apart from other card effects is the mixing of techniques in one card show. Dani has designed a deck that appears normal and random at every turn, but hides a secret that allows the magician to know selected cards and where they are in the deck.

Dani DaOrtiz combines this preparation in the deck with a clever stack that allows you to reveal selections at thought-of numbers, from shuffled packets, and more. Best of all, the effect does not require any special skill or sleights. For a formal close-up show, Triple Intuition is one of The most powerful closing effects! Master magicians such as Christian Engbloom of the Fat Brothers have been using this tried and true effect to close their performances for years.


In the photo illustrated instructional booklet, along with Classic Triple Intuition, you will also learn to perform:



Thought of Intuition:

The deck is shuffled by the spectators. One thinks of a card. You begin to discard cards eliminating by groups, piles or one by one, till you finally stop with one single card on the table, the thought of card.


Intuition at a Number:

ACAAN. A thought of card appears in a chosen position, once the deck is shuffled by the spectators.


All these above 3 effects have following facts in common:


·                     Killer reactions!

·                     90% hands-off magic.

·                     No special skill required.

·                     Special deck does all the work for you.

·                     Includes everything you need to perform this effect.

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