Die of Destiny

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Die of Destiny

Mark Desouza’s fabulous Die of Destiny!

Invite two spectators to assist you in an experiment. Explain that one of the spectators will control the destiny of the other!

Spread the deck of cards on the table. The first spectator removes any card, remembers it and returns it to the deck. Show a spotless die. Ask the spectator to roll the die a few times and use your imagination to make sure it comes up a different number each time. With this die, she will cast the fate of the first spectator!

Deal the deck into six even piles. The remaining cards are shown; none are the selected card.

The second spectator rolls the die and decides on a number. Starting wherever she wishes, she counts to that pile and push it forward. The other piles are set aside face up; different cards are constantly seen.

Deal six cards from the selected pile. The remaining cards are shown; none are the selected card.

The spectator again rolls the spotless die, imagines a number and counts to the correspondence card. The remaining cards are set aside.

The first spectator names her card. The only card on the table is revealed. IT is the selected card.

Everything is a fair as fair can be. There is no sleight of hand. The method is diabolically simple!

Comes complete with Bicycle cards and the special die, plus, Marc’s full routine.

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