A Stranger in Paradise

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A Stranger in Paradise


A 3 Phase Color Changing deck routine relies mostly on Subtleties rather than Slight of hand.

Phase I

A blue deck of cards is shown freely. The spectator selects a card and is offered numerous opportunities to change his selection. His card is then shown to be only red card in the deck.

Phase II

His card is reinserted into the deck and the deck instantly changes completely red. On future examination, there is one blue back card. When the card is turned over, it is found to be the spectator's card.

Phase III

The red deck is spread. The selected card is again turned over to reveal that it has reverted to red.

The deck may now be used to perform your favorite card effect.

Comes Complete With:

01. Bicycle Deck

02. Gimmick

03. A 12 Page Booklet with 20 Colored Photographs & Crystal Clear Instructions.

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