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based on an original idea by ITALY's TONY BINARELLI

adapted by GARY OUELLET

A perfect opening trick. A lady spectator is asked to select a card from a blue-backed deck. The card is replaced and lost in the deck. She then "blows a kiss" at the deck and instantly her selected card blushes ( turns into a red-backed card)! More: when turned over, a lovely pink lipstick imprint is seen on its face! THIS IS A KNOCKOUT. If LIPS doesn't get them cheering. pack up and go home! Do not confuse this with any other offering: this is the original effect that has been in Tony's own act for years. ABSOLUTELY NO SLIGHT OF HAND REQUIRED.  Comes with crystal clear instructions, in the Camirand Academy tradition, plus that special something.

Use your own deck of Bicycle blue backed poker size deck of cards.

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