Gravity Flipper Coins US Quater

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Gravity Flipper Coins US Quater

A coin is shown from both sides. The coin is held between the thumb & first finger of the left hand & held by the outside of the coin. The right hand is shown empty & passes in front of the coin. The left hand now displays 2 coins between the same fingers. The right hand now takes one of the coins away leaving one coin between the left thumb & forefinger. The right hand is opened to reveal that the second coin has VANISHED! This coin has many possibilities & will definitely be one of your personal favorites.

Thanks to the recent work of Troy Hooser, Nate Kranzo, Garrett Thomas, Josh Jay, and several others, the flipper coin is experiencing a tremendous resurgence. My gravity flippers have the thinnest-possible groove, and it’s deep enough for two standard bands or one Forever Band. The inner coin is shaved & re-edged to match its originally minted edge except where it is not possible to re-edge on some coins such as the Loonie.

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