Killer Triumph

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Killer Triumph


Magician introduces a deck of cards which is riffle shuffled face up & face down. He ribbon spreads the cards on the table to show the face up & face down conditions of the cards. While Magician turns around a spectator selects one of the face up cards from the spread. As per the instruction of the magician, spectator keeps the card in memory and inserts it FACE DOWN any where in the spread.  The deck is assembled in a pile by the spectator. Now magician faces the audiences.  He further riffle shuffle the deck, just to make it more difficult for him to find out the selection from the deck which is in Topsy-Turvy condition. Magician ribbon spread the deck on the table again to show the condition of the deck, the deck is assembled into a pile. For the first time magician asks the spectator to name his selected card, Spectator reveals it. Magician snaps his fingers over the deck & spreads the deck on the table. Magic has happened! Now it is seen all the cards in the spread are face down except one mistake. One face up card is standing in the middle of the deck, like a stranger in the crowd. Amazingly that face up card is the selection.

Special Bicycle Deck of cards is supplied.
No Sleight Of Hand is required.

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