Have A Nice Day By Aldo Colombini

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Have A Nice Day By Aldo Colombini

Magician Aldo Colombini was originally from Italy and later settled (and died) in USA. An award winning magician, he has left his foot print in all branches of Magic. Popular amongst magicians because he used simple methods to create highly entertaining commercial magic, I always think of him as Italy’s Karrell Fox.


In one of his “ESSENTIALLY ALDO” video series (published by L&L Publishing, USA) he has a routine called “Have a nice day”. When I saw that effect, I liked it very much & wanted to add it to my repertoire. Later I discovered, my most talented magician friend Mr.Rakesh Syam used to perform this effect regularly at the dinner table for international guests in his cruise career.


The effect is as described here:


From a shuffled deck, spectator selects a card freely (no force), that card is signed by the spectator on it’s face and later lost in the center of the deck very clearly. Magician removes 4 cards from the top of the deck and shows the faces to the audience; selected card is not among them. Cards are turned face down. Magician introduces a smiley face sticker and explains how a smile is contagious. He further explains the fact stating, “if I smile, then that will make you smile and gradually the smile will be viral and force others to smile, even these dead cheap playing cards cannot save themselves from smiling, it is so contagious, better to give a free demo here using these four random cards.”

Magician affixes a smiley face sticker to the back of one of the four cards. That sticker attached card is inserted within the remaining 3 cards, cards are counted to show there is only one card so far affected by smiling, i.e. the single card having the smiley sticker on it. Now things go out of control, when the four card packet displayed again it is found another one is affected by smiling, because now it is seen one more card is having a smiley face sticker on it. At the next moment the 3rd one is affected and finally it is seen all four cards have smiley stickers on their backs.


Like in real life, smiling does not sustain forever. It slowly fades away. Here happens the same thing with the cards. One by one the smiley stickers disappear from the cards, leaving just one card having the smiley face on it, the original one on which the sticker was attached. When that card is turned over it is found to be the “SIGNED SELECTED CARD.” Magician hands over the signed card with his autograph and contact number on it to the assisting spectator, with an anticipation of receiving a call from the spectator. But as told by my friend Rakesh Syam, in his vast experience, he never once received a call from her.


This is the effect. Is it not amazing?


We supply you enough smiley face stickers to perform the effect at least 300 times. Use your own deck of cards of any brand & any colour.

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