Mother of All Book Test

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Mother of All Book Test

The Mother Of All Book Tests is the foremost book test ever invented! Whatever you have heard about this effect is true.

This book test took seven years to make and finalize. We are so pleased that Ted Karmilovich has finally released this long-anticipated Mother Of All Book Tests. It is the mentalist's dream come true for accomplishing this classic effect. It has proven to be the ultimate book test to use under every type of working condition.

A spectator is invited to take a readable and 100% examinable, 151 page novel, open it to any page. They are then told to pick out a word on that page and think of it. Without touching the book or approaching the spectator, you reveal the word. This is done in the most unsophisticated direct manner ever. In other words you tell them the word! This method makes all other book tests antiquated.

This book test is very is simple to perform and only takers a short time to learn, You receive a one hundred fifty one page soft cover novel plus a booklet of instructions with tips on how to handle the effect by members of New York City's legendary Thirteen.

This effect can be done close-up, on stage, on radio or TV. It can be performed anytime, anywhere; and it is instantly repeatable. All pages are different. Nothing is written down. There are no stooges of any kind. Everything may be examined. No breaks; no glimpses; no forces; no prompters; no preparation; no angles; no peeks; no sleights; no anagrams; no gimmicks; no short pages; no counting; no skill required.

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