Amazing Acaan

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Amazing Acaan

We discovered this little gem in a book written by JK Hartman, which is dedicated to one of the single most popular plots in card magic, i.e. “ACAAN” (Any Card at Any Number). There are numerous tricks in the market based on this plot, so many magic books written by famous magicians are filled with so many variations of this plot, and yet we decided to market this, because:

1)    It fulfills most of the criteria of the ACAAN plot.

2)    It has entertainment value.

3)    Easy to do, no card control, no force, no difficult sleight of hand is used.

4)    Spectator can name any card and any number, no force, no equivoque (magicians force), no restrictions in choosing the card and the number at all.

5)    No false counts of any kind are used in the routine.

6)    A regular deck of cards is used.

7)    No memorized stack either full or partial is used; no memory work is involved, so you can fully focus on the presentation.

8)    It is a trick of impromptu nature and nothing to reset, so suitable for walk-around performers & table hoppers. 

9)    Suitable for both close-up and stand-up situations.


Then what are you looking for. Read the effect here.



While shuffling the deck, the magician explains:

“Do you know guys, that in each & every deck there is a card which is very special to the magician?” He asks a person in the group, “Sir, which card do you think it would be?”

Suppose the addressed spectator replies “It is two of Clubs.”

“No! No! it might be special for you, but not for me. I am more concerned about this card” saying that he removes a card from the deck. Though the back of the card is normal like the rest of the deck, but on the face some instructions are printed, the heading of the instructions says “AMAZE A FRIEND, AMAZE YOURSELF”.  Magician reads it out loudly. He continues saying “This is the card I was talking about, it is an instruction card included in the deck by the card company, to be used only by famous magicians like Sorcar, Copperfield & me of course. Using this special card, I will perform an effect which will not only amaze you, but also me.”


He reads out the 1stinstructionon the card which says: “Ask your friend to name any one of the 52 cards.”

Spectator follows the instructions.

Then, as per the 2nd point on the card, he is asked to name a number from 1 to 52. He says that.

As per the 3rd instruction on the card, cards are counted down to that number and card arrived at that number is transferred to the top of the deck. As per the instructions printed on the card, that card is clearly dealt and placed on the out stretched palm of the spectator.

Suspense is paused (of course this vital point is mentioned in the card).

And finally, that card is turned over and is found to be the named card of the spectator.

Spectator bows to thunderous of applause, because the final instruction says that.


Boys, whatever is explained above are true and not a single word or sentence is written here to mislead you. If you ever wanted to do an ACAAN routine, but due to heavy sleight of hand or complicated memory work you did not, then go for this routine. You will thank me (Sorry, THANKS to Mr. JK Hartman, whose contribution to the world of card magic will keep him alive for ever). What I like in the structure of this routine is that a miracle happened when no one was expecting it. Spectators were guided by the instructional card and were having fun out of it. But in the end, when the card at the freely named number was found to be the freely named card, then that made them speechless for a while.

Comes complete with one specially printed Bicycle riders back instruction card to be used in this effect (while ordering, please mention whether you like to have a red backed or blue backed card) and crystal clear photo illustrated instructions, written by Sukesh Pattanaik.

Use your own Bicycle riders back deck.

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