Roped Evolution (Gimmick, DVD and Prop) by Juan Pablo - Trick

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Roped Evolution (Gimmick, DVD and Prop) by Juan Pablo - Trick

Be ready to get shocked and amazed! This magic trick will get you a standing ovation! Juan Pablo's Roped Evolution combines his creator talent with your own magic! An explosive combination! Only a rope, just that makes magic explode. Juan Pablo gives an extra, unbelievable, magic, unforeseeable twist to his own ropes trick... and it evolves and is transformed into A BRAND NEW TRICK. A new trick but with all the quality and genius of this unequaled magician. A rope that gets, slides and slips into your coat sleeves, creating fantastic effects. As soon as the rope tips emerge and show, as the entire rope is again in your hands... everything starts once more!NEW gimmickExtremely easy to performMay be done at any momentHas no anglesThe ropes may be examined by the audienceNo sleight of hand requiredNothing to be palmedNo magnet requiredQuick resettingIncludes full instructions in a Spanish/English DVDGimmick Rope needed to perform.

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